Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer is Nigh

Big Sigh. Big, contented sigh.
It's late May, and it's beginning to feel like summer.
Small tidbit of info: I work in a county three counties over from where I live. Therefore, I have a daily commute that ranges anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour. And lately, like for the last week or so, the commute has been even more pleasant than normal.
You see, the temperature is nice. I put the top down on my car, and just enjoy the sunshine and the tunes going home. And the highway I travel has some pretty nice scenery as well. So when you've had a productive day and you're on you way home and you have good music, a pretty day, and the wind in your hair, it can't get much better, right?
Just last week, the honeysuckle bloomed.
And now, all five senses are satisfied. And as all Kentuckians know, when the honeysuckle blooms, summer is nigh.