Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Fall is Awesome

Here, in no particular order, are reasons that fall (or autumn in you prefer) is awesome.

  1. You get a break from the oppressive heat that accompanies summer. The temps are still high, but the humidity is no longer as rampant, and you get a warm, pleasant day in the daylight hours. It's nice to be able to wear jeans and a sweatshirt in the evenings.

  2. The colors!! Although with the drought this summer some of the trees have already begun to turn and leaves fall, it's so nice to observe the the array of colors from the various trees. The deciduous trees really add so much to this season.

  3. The decorations! While summer is spent gardening and hanging flags, fall is all about making your home a place that when people drive by, they are struck by how you've decorated. Be it with pumpkins, scarecrows, or ghosts, in the South people are all about getting attention with their yards.

  4. Football season begins. How great is it to get together with a couple hundred of your friends (high school football) or a couple thousand (college) and cheer on your team. And there is nothing like singing "My Old Kentucky Home" with 50,000 of your friends on a beautiful fall day.

  5. Where there's football there's...tailgating! (Which may be the reason why I love football so well.) Living in the South, I can assure you that for the college games there are people tailgating starting around 8 a.m. gameday. However, the people I run with a little less fanatical about it, and we tailgate about two hours before kickoff. It's so much fun to eat with your friends, laugh, and just plain visit. Tailgating may just be my favorite thing about fall.

Pics: Left, Commonwealth Stadium
Right, Laura Faye and me tailgating

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