Sunday, February 20, 2011


So the nurturing side of me is still apparent even in third grade.

Last year, I had some of the youngest kids in the school, so whoever the line leader was often held my hand.  Even now, in third grade, I'm finding that these kids still want their hands held.  (Even the boys.  Funny, huh?)

While we're waiting to go to the bathroom, sometimes kids will randomly walk up to me and want to hold my hand.  Because we're still in the depths of winter, I affectionately call these kids who hold my hands my mittens, because they keep my hands warm.

However, they're still kids.  The other day one of my mittens said to me, "Miss, your hands are cold.  Your hands are very cold.  In fact they're so cold they feel like vampire hands." 

Which leads me to several points:
  • I love kids and their honesty.
  • You understand why I like having mittens.
  • This Twilight thing is out of control.  Vampire hands?  Seriously?


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