Wednesday, April 20, 2011


For some reason-maybe it's the crazy weather, getting back into the routine, the fact we have state and national testing in less than a week, my infection that refuses to heal, my phone completely dying beyond my help and I haven't sent out my parent conferences for the spring yet-it's been a difficult last two days.  Which may explain why I've been the slighest bit more sensitive.  Which is why stuff (i.e. words) that normally would go through one ear and out the other have taken root deep in my heart and deep in my spirit.  They are sprouting there, and they are not words that need to be taking up residence.

I truly think after an inconclusive survey (okay talking with friends and random women wherever I happen to be) that all women compare themselves to others.  (If you need further proof, go read Tina Fey's chapter in Bossypants titled, "All Women Must Be Everything".)  And for the life of me, I can't recall one place in the Bible where God has compared one person to another.  He didn't ask David why he didn't part the Red Sea.  He didn't ask Lydia why she didn't give birth to the Savior.

But I do know that God has given me a task and a plan each day.  When I spend my time comparing  what others say (or do) that I do not, it wastes valuable time.  I am to take whatever God has given me and use it.  Not compare-God doesn't do it, so why should we?


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