Monday, April 25, 2011

Walking Home

It was one of those days.

We started our state mandated testing, and it was a typical Monday.  Except I got to see something in a new light.

I have to walk any students who walk home outside.  I have one little girl, who is precious.  Some days she walks home with her older brother.  But other days, like today, her father stands at the edge of the school property and waits.

As I am taller, I can spot him before her.  "There he is," I'll say, pointing.  She hugs me good-bye, and off she goes.

Nothing deters her on her sprint to her daddy.  Not her satchel, not the people in the way.  She is single minded in her purpose.  And her dad stands there and waits patiently, knowing she's missed him and will stop at nothing until she reaches him.

I wish that my relationship with my heavenly Father mimicked what I witness.  However, many days I'm tired, or whiny, or just plain busy.  I am not single minded about spending good quality time with my dad.

But like this little girl's dad, my heavenly Father waits patiently. 

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