Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Reverse Bucket List

A long while back, I saw a blogger who wrote she didn't have a bucket list, but a reverse bucket list.   She kept track of all the things that were really special to her that had already happened.  She celebrated things that were wonderful suprises, things she would have crossed off her Bucket List if she'd thought about them.  Here, in no particular order, is my Reverse Bucket List:

  1. Having my name read over the loud speakers at Rupp Arena.  Every Wildcat fan dreams of this moment.  (Sadly, it was not because I was in the starting line up, but on the upside I was not lost either.  I'd won "Cat's Eye" view seats as as co-ed.)
  2. Second row seats to Dolly Parton (my idol since the age of 2).  We were seated in the orchestra pit and once walking out on stage and seeing us in Cracker Barrel rockers there all she could do was laugh. 
  3. Dolly Parton speaking to me.  TWICE.  The first time was at the aforementioned concert.  She ordered me to get her some corn.  I was so dumbstruck I couldn't reply.  The second time was at her parade in Pigeon Forge.  She was ten feet from me on a float.  Knowing full well I would never be that close again (and it had only been a few months since the concert) I yelled, "We saw your show in Kentucky and loved it!!" She looked back at me, waved, and yelled, "Thank you!"
  4. UK basketball seats that were so good they'd make you slap yo' mama.  When I was in college, I sat at two games behind the UK bench.  The game got close and I couldn't see for this idiot in front of me.  Because I never get good seats, I stood up during the time out to ask him to sit down.  It was then the man turned around and I realized it was THE COACH. 
  5. UK basketball seats four rows off the floor behind the basket.  During warm ups, I use it to psych the opposing team out, even if they are two feet taller than me.  As they walk back to the locker room, I give my meanest evil eye and slowly shake my head no.  At least one player will make eye contact.  Trust me, it scares them.
  6. Having one of my former students run by the house four years after I was her teacher to give me a note for teacher appreciation week.  I keep it in my Bible and it still makes me cry.
  7. Being at a restaurant in Indiana and telling some ridiculous story and realizing that the people at the next table over (you know how at Outback everyone is practically sitting in everyone elses' lap) is listening and want to hear what you're saying.  The fellas listening?  Olympic gold medalist Ian Crocker and Brendan Hansen.
  8. Staying late after the ball games to sing "My Old Kentucky Home" and having a total stranger compliment you on your voice.
  9. Being the first one in my immediate family to graduate from college.
  10. Knowing that I helped lead a child to Christ.
  11. A week long vacation by myself to Sanibel. 
  12. Being in a national commercial.
  13. Being the poster adult for a school district.
  14. Having Michael Kidd-Gilchrist give me basketball pointers.  And when he saw I was about to completely freak out, he was so patient and helpful.  Love him. 
  15. Witnessing Kentucky capture their 8th national basketball title.  In the process of this, I got to be present at the greatest Kentucky-Louisville game of ALL TIME.  Being there and watching the post-game celebration and festivities in New Orleans was just incredible.
  16. Walking back to my hotel at the Final Four and seeing a large black SUV pull up in front of me at the hotel across the street for me.  Watching a shortish, handsome man get out and flashing me a million dollar smile while waiting to get his wife's door.  Realizing the man who is waiting so patiently for me to get by him is Tom Cruise.   

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