Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break Snapshots-Using Words

Here's what I learned over Spring Break 2012 in no particular order:

  • If you get to Bluegrass Airport you automatically qualify for the "unluckiest flyer of the day" award.  The man who got there 15 minutes after me didn't have to pay to park (big GRR!) and I just missed the shuttle that came through the parking lot.  This meant that I got to lug my 28 lb. suitcase all the way up an incline.  Fun.
  • When push comes to shove, the best motto when preparing for a trip comes down to these two adages: "Pack half the clothes and twice the money" and "Buy in haste; repent in leisure."  (To avoid plagiarizing, this came from the late, great Erma Bombeck.)  
  • The above bullet means that you will embark on your trip with a suitcase that weighs half of the maximum amount.  It also means when returning (after shopping for approximately 3.5 days) you are seriously concerned about making weight on the return flight.  So concerned that a) you have your best friend and her family lug all 11 picture books (hardcover, no less) back home in the cargo area of their SUV and b) when you're in the middle of the Louis Armstrong International airport and your carryon is stuffed to the gills you will get scrutinized.  And all you can do is smile at the woman and say, "I did leave a few things for you in New Orleans."  And pray she doesn't count the sample pack of Chips Ahoy as outside food.
  • I could go to the most remote corner of the globe and still run into people I know.  Because it doesn't matter if you're walking down Canal Street, buying souvenirs, or walking home from the championship game, you WILL see someone you know.
  • Don't ever walk down Bourbon Street feeling less than 100%.  The shop owners decide that since you look bad they need to put a smile on your face.  And you don't want to know WHAT they will do to try and make you smile.
  • I will officially do anything for my team.  Even if it means walking six blocks in a severe thunderstorm to watch the title game.  Even if it means sitting WAY up in the Superdome in a severe thunderstorm with tornado warnings going off.
  • Tom Cruise was incredibly nice.  If you're in his way, he will smile patiently and wait.  And he also gets the door for his wife.  (I know he's four plus crazy about somethings, but I thought that was sweet-with him being the big star he is.)
  • Tom Cruise's family are just like any other rednecks.  The older kids will come barreling out of the car, pillows in hand and ready to go.  They also wait for Dad's lead.
  • If you happen to see Tom Cruise, be extremely cautious about with whom you share this information.  You want the members of your party to see him, but you don't want them to yell, "OMG!! It really IS Tom Cruise!", then run up behind them and start taking pictures like paparazzi.  So embarrasing.
  • The UK-UL rivalry begins at birth.  Literally.  When Kentucky beat Louisville Saturday night, and the UK fans started slinging their seat cushions toward the court in jubilation.  The two kid UL fans behind me picked up every available cushion and started throwing them at UK fans.  So kind.
  • The only difference between a charter flight and a regular one is on the charter they give you an entire Sprite and not just what will fit into those 8 oz. glasses minus ice.
  • Upon returning to the Bluegrass State, you will get the flu.  Because you can't enjoy any kind of vacation without getting sick.
  • Go on head and err on the side of caution and have your picture taken with the cheap replica of the tournament trophy in Brackettown.  Once you realize that gaudy looking thing Cal's got in his hands was by your side yesterday, you'll be glad you did. 
  • After standing in the 86 degree heat at 10:00 a.m (and we will not even discuss the humidity) I will never, ever complain about Kentucky being hot again.  Promise.

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