Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 Rocks

Okay, so I've already referenced turning 30 once this month. 

But I've been known to beat a dead horse.  So I will share with you the best part about my 30th birthday.

We could start with the fact that I had about 80 messages from friends on Facebook.  That made me feel really important and loved.  But what really put it over the top happened at school.

You have to understand a couple of things before I begin this story.  One, I had left the house that morning (Tuesday) knowing I would not be returning until really late Friday night/Saturday morning (thank you George Strait/Reba McEntire/LeeAnn Womack).  This was because I happened to be dog and housesitting for my best friend who was at the beach.

Due to the fact I was out of town, I had officially "postponed" my birthday.  I informed my family I didn't want to do a cake just yet.  The previous weekend had been spent on the lake and the upcoming weekend would be spent preparing for the family reunion in Tennessee on Sunday.  Plus, I was going to be gone four days.  I didn't see a point in having a cake just yet.  I told my family I just wanted two things: a cake from a very specific bakery and "30 Rock" season 4 on dvd.  So my birthday was postponed until September 21.
Plus, I had already celebrated it with my friends.

But that still didn't stop me from wistfully wanting a birthday cake on my actual birthday.  It was petty, and childish, I know.  Especially since I could have had one.  But I've been spending a lot of time on this website and sometimes they show some absolutely incredible cakes.  So I spent a few minutes silently wishing I had a cake, and it was a pretty one.  Because I live in the Bluegrass State, and we put on this little horse race every year known as the Derby, I thought it would be so fun to have a cake that looked like a Derby hat.  And resigned myself to know that wouldn't happen.

I forgot we serve a God who surprises us when we least expect it.

Tuesdays are busy days.  Tuesdays are days full of meetings-we have to plan as a team and we have faculty meetings.  During our team meeting, I saw one of my kindergarten students from last year walk us.  I thought nothing of it.  Then she returned.  With this:
And that's when I started to cry.  It turns out her mother had called the school and talked to my assistant from last year to find out when my birthday was.  This lady (who makes cakes as a hobby) wanted to do something nice for my birthday. 
And it was beautiful, looks like a Derby hat, and delicious-vanilla with raspberry filling. 
I felt so loved by not just that family, but by God himself.  He remembered. 
And that is why 30 rocks.

Because the cake was so pretty, here are some more pics of the other angles:


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