Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Can Count On Death, Taxes And...

  • unexpected visitors when I begin to prepare food (I love people, but this always happens when my hair hasn't been brushed, I'm in my pjs and have Randy Travis blaring from my laptop)
  • the nanosecond I get comfy in my bed, the house phone rings, necessitating a trip up (and because I'm particular I have to find the phone with the caller ID working so the call can be screened)
  • the briefest moment my attention is diverted from those sweet kids (who I seriously miss), they will come up to me.  The minute after the phone has stopped ringing, attendance has been taken, or the parent has left, they are totally autonomous.  Again.  I call that playing possum.
  • picking the absoulte worst line anywhere-groceries, Wal-Mart, Ticketmaster.  If there's a line, don't get behind me.  No Midas touch here.
  • Pinterest to completely disown me when I'm ready to waste lots of time devote a lot of time to research.  One day it kicked me off there so many times within fifteen minutes I gave it up cold turkey for a weekend.  Serves it right for being so sassy.

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