Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Keith Urban

Dear Keith Urban,

I am writing to you to inform you my thoughts about your dvd of your concert, "Love, Pain, & The Whole Crazy World Tour Live".  I do apologize for the delay in writing this letter.  If I were to recount what all's happened since the release of the dvd, you would understand.  But then, you've had a child (or I guess your wife has), won some awards, and been on more tours, so I guess we're flush.

Anyway, back to task.  

I gotta tell you, as diplomatically as I can muster, I was disappointed with the dvd.  And here's why: I was there, dude.  And that dvd just does not do it justice. 

And quite frankly, the state of Kentucky does not like to share the limelight. So what is up with half of it being filmed in Lexington and half of it filmed in Atlanta?

And while the little girl giving you the roses was super cute and all, you left out the super talented girl who got up there and played guitar with  you! Even your band members were completely amazed!  If you've forgotten, here's a reminder: 


I know this all sounds completely childish (and it is), but it's like you didn't want to offend the entire southeast, so you put in a couple of shots from Atlanta to make it seem like you weren't trying to be biased.  However, let me assure you it's okay to record a live album in Kentucky.  Um, Alison Krauss did a 2 cd (and dvd) at The Palace in Louisville.  Michael W. Smith recorded a live cd at Southeast Church in Louisville.  Sugarland recorded one of their songs on their "Love on the Inside" record in Lexington.  It's socially acceptable to record a cd in one location.  All y'all know that Kentucky crowds rock.  It's only a secret to the neighboring states.  But we won't tell them.  We're polite like that.

So next time, you don't have to front.  The phone's ringing, so I gotta go.  Take care!


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