Saturday, July 31, 2010

Small Town Girls Look Out For Each Other

In the hope of keeping some anonymity, I will just say that I live in outside of Lexington, Kentucky.  This summer has required a daily commute to the University of Kentucky.  Because my town is small, and we all know each other, it is not uncommon to say to someone, "Hey! I saw you on the highway headed to/from Lexington the other day!"  This conversation will occur in one of three places-Walmart, Kroger, or church.  It is considered a snub if you see someone in one of these social clubs and do not say hi.  You learn at an early age to greet everyone, whether you know their name or not.  :)

So the other day my laptop gave out on me.  And I needed a new one.  Hence, Daddy and I went off to the Walmart looking to see what they had to offer.  Once we get there, I run into my friend Suzannah from church.  She tells me, "I saw you pulled over the other day on the highway and got worried about you."

(On Wednesday there had been a funeral.  Like all good southerners, you pull over to the side of the road to pay your respects, wheter you know them or not.  Seriously.  Even 18 wheelers will come to a complete stop-I've seen it happen multiple times.)

Apparently, she had missed the procession, and I wasn't back on the highway, so she just thought my car had broken down.  And what does one small town girl do for the other?  Turns her car around to go and check, of course.  Because that's how we are raised.

Doesn't it give you a nice sense of community to know that people can be thirty miles away and still look out for one another?  Suzannah's mama would be so proud.

Here, we still want to make our mamas proud.

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