Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Small Reminder

In this summer that has been oh so hectic, with a pace that has not let up for one moment, I did get a reminder the other day that God still cares.  It came in the most unexpected form.

Leaving my classroom and trekking to the Parent-Teacher Store, I get out of my car and notice something.  There, on my right shoulder is a butterfly.  In my 29 years, has that ever happened?  These kind of things only happen to other people in books.  Or Disney movies.  Am I right?

I just stood there, watching it for a moment.  It was almost as if God was telling me He knew I needed some encouragement.

And so I tried to coax it on my finger, thinking it would fly away.  This was one compliant butterfly, because it stayed right on my hand.  I just stood there and marveled at it a moment longer, then finally had to take it to the front door and leave it. 

Those five minutes just remind me that we do have a loving Father.  One who cares, when we are running errands, when we feel unnoticed.  He tells us in Isaiah:  "I am he, I am he who will sustain you.  I have made you and will carry you." Isaiah 46:4

In this summer of constant motion, when all I want is a respite, it's so comforting to know the Lord is there.  And He understands.

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