Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is That Humble Pie? Pass Me A Slice, Please!

I would like to point out I have not taken a sick day in three months.  While I don't have the constitution of an ox, I do generally make it to work, well or ill. 

And that brings us to what has been the last 27 hours of my life.

It all started yesterday morning when I saw my friend Melanie walking to her son's classroom.  We caught up about Thanksgiving, and she mentioned she had strep.  And I made the famous pronouncement around 9:30, "I can handle just about anything but strep."

Famous last words.

We switched for math at 10:00 as usual, and I was fine.  By 11:00, when math was finished, my head was beginning to ache.  Like the familiar pains of a migraine.  And I couldn't understand why. 

By noon, I was miserable.  At 1:30, I escorted my class to the program in the gym and my super sweet team mates watched them so I could die in peace.  In all seriousness, I did throw up three times and then take a blanket and lie down in my teammate's room until the program was over,  I made sure everyone got home.
Then I went home.

I can honestly say I have not been that sick in years.  I threw up for 15 hours.  At 1:30 a.m. it occurred to me the big pronouncement I had made to Melanie, in full earshot of other people.

I'm taking it back.  After 15 hours of not being able to keep down water or mulitple doses of Phenergan, sore throats aren't the only thing to take me out.  A nasty migraine will also take me down quickly, too.

But all is not lost.  For my birthday, my best friend Laura Faye got me these beautiful serving pieces:

So while I'm eating my humble pie, at least I'll be serving it in style.  

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