Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Thoughts: The Television Edition

Soo...last Monday I went to my friendly family physician, feeling perfectly well.  While there, I procured for myself a flu shot.  From the last vial they had in the office.  I was feeling pretty smug about it, because I had seriously procrastinated this errand.  (And you're probably wondering what this has to do with a post that has television in its title.  Just wander with me for a moment.)

As I was skipping out the door, the very kind nurse informed me that it would take 14 days for this vaccine to take effect. 

So the countdown began. I figured those two weeks would just fly by, and since I'd already had a stomach virus at the beginning of the month (one that had me throwing up for 15 hours straight and made me miss a field trip), I figured I'd suffered enough and could make it through 14 days unscathed.


With 6 days remaining until I would be flu free, I got the flu.  Yuck. 

And because I have the flu, I've spent more time watching tv since I don't know when.  So here are my random thoughts about television:
  • Stacey London:  You make your living by telling women to buy $300 tops and $500 pants.  When I see your shampoo commercials and you're telling us to spend our money wisely, I can't help but think that's the pot calling the kettle black.  (But then again, you'd get mad at me 'cause I'm the woman who walks into The Limited and rarely buys stuff from the full price racks.  Love those clearance racks!)
  •  Triple A Lady:  Really?  You are being interviewed for the evening news.  Your sole task is to give us, the battered consumers, the 411 on how to obtain the cheapest fuel possible.  And what wisdom leaves your lips?  "My advice is to look around and see who has the cheapest gas.  If one station has cheap gas, then chances are the stations around them will try to keep the same price."  Really?  Um...I already knew that.  I could also go one step further and tell you that gas is cheaper right off the interstate than it is 30 miles away from the interstate.  How come I'm not on the news.  Really?
  • Saturday Night Live:  Okay, so I spent two hours of my life last night (or the night before?-this is all starting to take a toll on me) watching the SNL Christmas special.  While there were lots of funny moments, the sketch I really wanted to see was the very end. And they cut it short!  The one with Mary Katherine Gallagher, Whitney Houston, Penny Marshall, and Rosie O'Donnell all practicing for the high school Christmas concert is hysterical.  However, because they showed so many other sketches (and had to fill up way too much time with Gilly-yuck) they didn't show the complete sketch.  Which should be a crime, because Molly Shannon and Whitney Houston competing to be the queen bee of the choir is Simply. The. Best.
  • Godiva:  Seriously?  You're pouting at us because we only eat your chocolates on special occasions?  Um, are you aware there is a recession currently happening?  Do you know the rate of joblessness in America?  (I know in Kentucky it's about 10%, so that ain't good.)  And you're hocking eight pieces of chocolate for $14?  Do you know much chocolate that will buy at Wal-Mart or Kroger?   (Granted, it's not as good, but still...)  Y'all need to come to terms with reality.  And lower your prices.  Then I will feast on Godiva every day of the week.  Promise.
And because I said "Really?" a couple of times earlier, and think Seth Myers is super cute, and this post needs a little something to make it funny:

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