Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

So a while ago I was in college.  (And since I'm going to embark on my first tangent, let me just say I tell everyone in school to stay in school forever.  Because it's the greatest time of your life. Seriously.  But that's another post.)

And one day I just really thought I would be Ms. Thing (okay, atleast I'm owning it now) and not test God, because I knew what Scripture had to say about that.  But I thought it'd be fun to see how He'd come through for me.

I needed bread.

You see, I had deli sliced turkey from Walmart, but no bread.  And I was residing in a Christian dorm, so God was practically on speed dial all the time. 

So walking back to 508 Columbia Avenue, I decided to pour out my request to God: "Lord, I need bread."

And walked back, knowing that God would provide.  Because He always does.  I even opened my door.  After all, I wasn't asking for much-just two slices.

But as I'm learning more and more, God had other ideas.  And while I sat watching my television (using just rabbit ears, thank you very much), no one came.  And I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. 

Cause I knew Scripture.  I knew that God would provide.  I knew that God was loving.  I knew that God cared.  So why hadn't he filled my request for two slices of bread?  At that point, I could have even made do with even just one.

So I ate my turkey-without-bread-sandwhich and never said a word to anyone.  Watched tv with the door open.  The Wesley Foundation was freakishly quiet that afternoon, too.  My anonymous bread donor never arrived.  (Nor did anyone else.)  But I had more important things (i.e. work) that needed to be addressed, so I couldn't pout for long.

And I learned a lesson.  No more silly requests before the Lord Almighty.

Fast forward to work that afternoon.  And Tangent #2.

Tangent #2 is this: I LOVE Texas.  It's probably because they have some of the most awesome singers ever (George Strait, Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson, Chris Tomlin), their men are very courteous (that's another post), and their state is beautiful.  In fact, I am almost as arrogant about the state of Texas as a native Texan.  Almost.  If you knew me in college, you would agree.  Which brings me back around to...

Work.  LF came in that afternoon carrying a Kroger bag.  "Hey!"  she said brightly. "I was at Kroger this morning and saw this and had to buy it for you."

Peering into the bag, I am stunned.  Inside the bag is not one, not two, but a whole loaf of Texas Toast.  "It's toast," LF laughed, "TEXAS toast!"

I laugh with her, but cannot get over the timing of the whole incident.  The Lord provided bread for me.  And in typical fashion, He did it in His time.  However, He gave me more than what I ever expected, and better than what I expected.

And the fact that He does that, isn't that the best thing since sliced bread?

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