Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Tradition

Today was a wonderful day.

Today I got to do something I have not done much of all summer.  I talked (which is normal, 'cause that happens.  ALL the time.)  But it was at someone's house.  In chairs.  Like an adult. 

Not in my car, rushing from point A to B.  Not marching around the neighborhood in the twilight or evening hours.  It was so refreshing to just sit and have a face to face conversation with a lovely hostess.  If you ever want charming company, I can tell you to visit my friend Melanie.  She makes super yummy cupcakes and has funny stories.  After hearing about how they celebrated her friend's birthday, I am making it a point to stay on this lady's good side.

Anyway, at one point today we were reminiscing about something and Mel was saying something about her grandmother.  Which got me to thinking about my grandmother.

My dad's mother passed away when I was sixteen.  Daddy was raised in Tennessee, and I've grown up in central Kentucky.  My parents made it a point to try and visit her monthly, but there was always a house full at that Granny's.  There was always at least one cousin, and more often than not, one or two aunts and uncles there.  Lots of people to have fun with, and lots of animals to pet.  A creek, cards games to play or movies to watch.  My mom and dad would visit with my grandmother (my grandfather having passed away when I was three) and I would talk to her, but not that often.

As a result, I was not as close as I would like to have been.

I can tell you a lot about her.  I can tell you she loved the Lord, that even though she went blind from glaucoma in her middle age, that didn't deter her devotion one bit.  She knew as much of the Bible by heart near the end of her life as she did when she was sighted.  The local gospel radio station would hold memory verse contests.  My granny knew so much they station actually asked her to stop calling in with the answers.  Because she was putting everyone else in the county to shame. :)

She's been gone for over a dozen years now, and the hurt is not so fresh.  I wish I had not been so preoccupied with dogs, cats, and cousins.  But every so often, something will happen that brings her memory to light.  And it will make me smile.

A while back, Mama and I were discussing something.  I can't remember what it was, but it was something I wasn't too excited about.  Mom said something, and I had an immediate reply for it.  And Mom just looks at me, smiles and says, "You have your grandmother's wit."

Because both my grannys can be pretty entertaining, I asked her to clarify.  And she explained it was Daddy's mom.  Again, the grandmother I knew was very holy and good.  I had not heard about this woman.  And Mama explained that before I was born, Granny was known for her banter.

And I can't explain to you how, over ten years later, it does my little heart good to know I somewhat possess that trait.  It's nice to know that someone who knows the both of us can see the similiarity.  I guess that's the part of me that wishes she were still here and this is a small way her memory is still alive.  It's our own family tradition.

Meeting my granny for the first time at the age of two weeks.

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