Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day At The Market

So my BFF named LF and I went to the massive indoor flea market in Louisville a couple of weekends ago.  And because I'm not quite ready to tell the day in words, pictures will have to suffice:
This is the truck and trailer that nearly backed into LF's new SUV.  It's a good thing they had the trailer on the back.  With the body painted camo, we never would have seen it coming.

Look at the city on the plate tag.  Is there an explanation needed why I only claim that city on Derby Day?

I don't know what's more distressing: this sign or the fact I bought something from this woman.

For reasons I can't explain, the Steelers get plenty of love in the Bluegrass. Hence a 10' tall center in the middle of the Expo center.  They wanted people to pay money for this.  Seriously.

Consider yourself warned: next Game Night, I'm bringing my mini-corn hole game.  And class will be in session.  And ye shall be schooled.

Though it's taken many a Kroger, Taste of Kentucky, and Highway 127 Yard Sale, my Derby Glass collection is complete with these six glasses!  I now have all the glasses from my birth year on up.  Now if I can just find an adequate spot to display them...

Love this motto.

After Daddy's stroke, this especially holds true.

Again, another thing I saw it connected with me because of everything that's gone on this summer. Needless to say, it was a productive day at the market!

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