Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear Y'all

Dear Y'all,
It's hot outside.  That's all.


uhlsfam said...

Girl. LOVE your blog. It's darling - just like YOU! Riley's first day was good - He SAW YOU :-), but said you were too far away to catch his eye. He smiled that big smile when he mentioned it - it was one of the only few details I could get out of him!!!

Robin said...

You are too, too kind AND gracious! I did get to see him Day 2 and hug him, which made MY day. His new teacher said he is perfect. I think if you ever get tired of him, you have two women who will seriously put down some money for him. And the new design on your blog is BEAUTIFUL. Love it! It suits you perfectly! We will have to get together soon.