Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Help Wanted: A Good Speech Therapist

Okay, so it hit me like a ton of bricks just how much time I spent with small children I spent last year.

How? You ask. (So glad you did, by the way.  You are always so gracious.)

I have a subscription to Rhapsody.  Which means when I get two seconds I can listen to music and put it on cds.  This past weekend I had a free hour, so I took my list of songs I had been wanting to put on a disc downstairs and prepared to make a cd.

You can search by song title or by artist.  The whole thing can be pretty finicky, so I usually just search by artist.  I can normally tell who is singing the song, but don't always get the song titles as precise as the Rhapsody search engine demands.

Which leads to today's post.

I LOVE a certain song I'd been hearing on Redneck K-Love.  (Yeah, I know there's another name for it, but most of the time I can't remember it.  And I call it that out of respect.)  And I'm kinda ticked because the other (read: secular) radion stations won't play it.  And I don't know who sings it, because RKL doesn't usually announce the artists they've just played.

So I searched "Three Things I Wouldn't Trade For Anything" on Rhapsody and came up empty.  Changed the "Three" to "3" because the search engine is that picky. Still nothing.  Then I tried it and switched "trade" to "change".  Nada.  Zilch.  Zeee-rooo.

Out of frustration, I went to Google.  And typed in the few words I could remember.  And what do you know?  

This is what I found.  (You can click on the word "this" and it will take you there-my hyperlink is being weird.)  As it turns out, being around a lot of people missing teeth will do something to your ability to differentiate sounds.  And boy did I have a big laugh when I realized that.  And it has only added to my enjoyment of the song.  

One day, my life will be normal! :)

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